Signing Up

  • How do I sign up?
    • Step 1: Register as a student.
    • Step 2: Enroll in a daurah / program.
  • What is the difference between registering and enrolling?
    • When you register as an Afaq SG student: You get access to all the introductory videos of our current courses and those to come, inshaAllah. You do not, however, get access to all the lessons in each course. You can also register anytime.
    • When you enroll in a daurah (SGD50-SGD60/module): You get access to the lessons for the course that you enroll in. Registration is required before you can enroll into a course.
  • I am not Singaporean nor Syrian. Can I sign up?
    • Of course! Our courses are conducted in English. So if you understand the language it is taught in, bismillah ūüôā


  • How long do I have access to the courses’ lessons once I enroll?
    • For those who enroll in the January 2023 – June 2023¬† intake, you will have access to the lessons you have enrolled in from January 2023 to December 2023, inshaAllah.
  • How long is one semester?
    • Each semester in the Islamic Sciences Program and Daurah is 6 months of school term (4 months of lessons and 2 months of revisions and exams).
    • Lessons for Quran School will be weekly until the target is met (eg, finish Jua Amma, or finish reciting whole Quran), with a few weeks break in Ramadhan/Syawal/Zulhijjah (based on student-teacher agreement). If tests need to be carried out, dates will be set directly with the examiner.
  • What is the format of the lessons?
    • Generally, each module (excluding the Qur’an School) is delivered weekly via recorded video format, with the Ustazah(audio only) teaching over powerpoint slides.
  • What if I have questions?
    • Submit your questions via the Question tab in the learning platform, and the Ustazah will answer them either in the next lesson, in the comments, or direct to your email.
    • The contact number of the Ustazah will also be given to you, so you may ask her directly through WhatsApp (easiest option).
    • Some Ustazahs will also have Whatsapp groups in which you can ask questions, which might also be of benefit to the others attending the same module.


  • How are the tests conducted?
    • Following Afaq Syria, each course will end with a test consisting of¬† mostly Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), done online.¬†However, some Ustazahs might set short or long answer questions if they wish to, depending on the needs of the subject. Some Ustazahs also assign some optional homework to be done during the semester.
  • Why just MCQ? Why not something more challenging like essays?
    • Because we are focused on sharing the knowledge with women who are hard pressed for time due to family and work commitments; having heavy examinations might be a cause for concern.¬†
  • Okay, but I don’t think I want to be tested, even if it is MCQs.
    • It’s ok, tests are not compulsory for all courses unless you have registered for the 5 Year Islamic Sciences Program (ISP). However, we strongly encourage you to complete the tests so that your Ustazah (and yourself) can evaluate how much you have learned throughout the semester. Sititing for the tests will also help you be serious and committed in covering the content of the course well.
  • What am I losing out if I don’t sit for the test?
    • Course students:
      • Only tested (and passed) students get the attendance certificate from Afaq Syria.
    • ISP students:
      • ISP students cannot move on to the next semester of the course if they have not passed the current semester’s modules.
      • Passing all modules in every course is a prerequisite to getting the final Certificate of Recognition from Afaq Syria.
    • Can I sit for the test anytime, as i thought this is an Own Time Own Target program?
    • The tests will only be opened on specific dates during the test period (last month of the semester). Since you will have 1 year access to the modules, you will be able to sit for the test either in the semester you registered in or in the one following it. Thereafter, if you would like to sit for it, you will have to register anew. To demonstrate, if for example you enrolled in a module sometime during the July 2020 semester, you would be able to sit for the test at the end of the semester (i.e: Nov/Dec 2020) or at the end of the following semester(¬† (i.e: May/June 2021).
    • What if I fail the first time round?
      • You will be allowed to retake the test again at the end of the next semester, inshaAllah.
      • Are the certificates recognized?
        • The certificates will be issued by The Ministry of Endowments in Damascus, Syria. They are recognized there in Syria, but may or may not be recognized elsewhere.
        • The certificates generally serve as personal testimonials that the student has gone through a course of study in the subject/module/program it has been awarded for.
      • Who will be awarded certificates?
        • Islamic Sciences Program: Those who have passed each semester (10 semesters in total) with a minimum overall¬† percentage of 50%.
        • Daurah: Those who have passed each module (depending on the total number of modules in the Course) with a minimum overall percentage of 50%.
        • Qur’an School:

        1) Memorization of Juz Amma: Those who have finished memorizing the whole Juz and have thereafter passed the test conducted.

        2)Perfection of Juz Amma Recitation: After perfecting the recitation of the whole Juz, they will continue to perfect recitation of the whole Quran. After finishing recitation of the whole Quran, they will be awarded certificates if they have passed the test conducted.

        3)Memorization of Surah Lazim: Those who have finished memorizing the Surah and have thereafter passed the test conducted. The certificate is given per Surah.

        4)Talaqqi with Sanad: Those who have completed reciting the whole Quran to the Ustazah and have passed the test( conducted by an Ustazah in Syria).

      • What certificates will be awarded?
        • For all the Islamic Daurah and¬† Quran School (except Talaqqi with Sanad), a¬†Certificate of Completion will be awarded.
        • For the Islamic Sciences Program, a¬†Specialized Certificate in the Islamic Sciences¬† will be awarded.
        • For the Talaqqi with Sanad, an Ijazah¬†¬†will be awarded.





    • How much do the Daurah Islamic cost per module?
      • SGD50-SGD60 for 14 -16 lessons, which is equivalent to SGD3.75-SGD5.00 per lesson
    • How much does the 5 year Islamic Sciences Program (ISP) cost per semester (6 months)?
      • Enrolling in the 5 year ISP program gives you access to 5 to 6 courses per semester, for only SGD150 per semester.
    • How much does the Qur’an School cost per semester (4/5 months)?
      • It is SGD60 per semester (That’s SGD15 for 4 lessons per month)
    • I would really love to enroll, but I cannot afford the fees ūüôĀ
      • No worries! Send us a WhatsApp message using the button on this page, and share with us how we can help. InshaAllah we will be able to work something out <3
    • Why are you charging for these classes?
      • Our main intention is to spread the knowledge and love! These fees are mainly to help offset the administration and technology costs in setting up and running this website, while at the same time to motivate you to see the lessons to the end, inshaAllah. Remember, if you cannot afford the classes but are VERY determined to learn, reach out to us; we’ll be more than happy to work something out biiznillah.

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