#1. Qur'an School

Specific for those who would like to learn or improve their Qur’anic recitation, as well as memorize its verses or talaqqi with sanad. AfaqSQ will pair you up with a teacher most suited to your needs, inshaAllah, and your learning will commence either online or in the real world (subj to availability).

#2. short daurahs

For Muslimahs who are serious in learning but find it hard to commit fully, theĀ  shorter daurahs (courses) cover subjects such as al-Qur’an, Tafseer, Hadith & the Arabic Language. The length of each daurah depends on the number of modules they each contain. Choose the subject(s) that you wish to study, have access to the course content for a year, and take the tests and exams only if you wish to.


For Muslimahs who prefer a structured form of learning, the five-year Islamic Sciences Program comprises of a fixed selection of modules each semester, with obligatory tests and exams at the end of each semester. At the successful completion of the program, a specialized certificate from Afaq Syria will be awarded.

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New enrollment (for July 2020 to December 2020) will open on 22nd June 2020 insyaAllah.