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We are committed to making quality in-depth Islamic education accessible

We are here for you, the Muslimah who really aspires to learn more about Allah and His Messenger but cannot find the time to go for classes.

With the aspiration of utilizing technology in seeking the pleasure of Allah and His Prophet , our online classes are designed to fit your schedule, your pace, and more importantly, your intentions to be a better Muslimah, inshaAllah.

What is Ma’had Afaq Singapore?

Afaq Singapore is the first branch of The Afaq Online Institute for the Sciences of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith based in Damascus, Syria.

The Afaq Online Institute for the Sciences of Al-Quran and Al-Hadith is an institution which is fully recognized and accredited by the Ministry of Endowments in Syria. It places importance in the studies of the Holy Quran and its Sciences as well as the Hadith and its Sciences.

Afaq Singapore will closely follow the curriculum and methodology set by The Afaq Online Institute. However, we will adapt the curriculum in such a way that it will be relevant to the Singapore context. Programs are taught in English or Malay.

Our Mission

  • To provide quality in-depth studies of the Islamic Sciences free from liberalism and extremism as needed by the Muslim community in Singapore.
  • To shape Muslims who carry the Islamic identity and are actively involved in the building of the community.
  • To make traditional Islamic Knowledge accessible to everyone.
  • To nurture a generation of Muslims who are able to internalize and practice the knowledge they have.

The Ustazaat* of Afaq Singapore

Afaq Singapore’s teaching personnel are mostly graduates from Islamic Institutions from Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan.

But most importantly, all of them are dedicated and passionate in spreading knowledge that brings one closer to Allah and His Beloved Messenger, our Prophet Muhammad .

At Afaq Singapore, we believe that seeking knowledge is not about accumulating information, but about the transformation of the self by the Light of His Beloved .

*Ustazah means female teacher of Islamic Studies. Anisah means Miss. It is a term used by Syrians referring to their female teachers (or ‘Anse’ in Syrian colloquial language).

Certified Ustazaat

Courses (and counting)

Ustazah A’feyah Bte Mustafa

B.A in Usuluddin
Yarmouk University,

Masters in Usuluddin
Yarmouk University,

Anisah Alimatunnisa Binti Abdul Ghani

B.A in Islamic Da’wah
Abu Nour University,
Damascus, Syria

Anisah Arzwena Fardany

Diploma in Syariah
Abu Nour University,
Damascus, Syria

Diploma in Accounting

Ustazah Farhana Bibi Mahmud Munshi

Graduate of Islamic Studies
Tarim, Yemen

Honors in Engineering
National University of Singapore,

Anisah Hafizah Binte Abdul Latif

Diploma in Syariah
Abu Nour University,
Damascus,  Syria

Ustazah Mardhiyah Bte Md Yusoff

B.A in Usuluddin
Al-Fatih Islamic Institute,
Damascus, Syria

Anisah Nur Julaiha bte Rahim

Diploma in Syariah
Abu Nour University,
Damascus,  Syria

Ustazah Nur Hafizah Bte Watib

B.A in Usuluddin
Al-Azhar University,
Cairo, Egypt

Ustazah Nurasyikin Bte Suhaimi

Diploma in Syariah
Abu Nour University,
Damascus, Syria


9 years Quran teaching experience

Bsc Electrical Engineering & Information Technology

Ustazah Siti Nurjannah Bte Sukiman

B.A in Syariah Islamiyyah
Al-Azhar University,
Cairo, Egypt

Ustazah Nur Hidayah bte md ahiar

Diploma in Dialogue of Civilisations
Abu Nour University,
Damascus,  Syria

Diploma in Islamic Studies,

Higher Institution of Al-Zuhri

AFAQ SG Support Personnel

Besides our teaching personnel, several ustazaat too work behind the scenes to keep the site up and running, inshaAllah.

  • Farhana Zulfakar
  • Nurlina Bte Hassan
  • Nurulhuda Bte Habibul Rahaman
  • Nor Shahirah Bte Syed Kadir
  • Nurhida Bte Yusoff
  • Nur Hidayah Md Ahiar
  • Rozanna Bte Khalid
  • Khadijah Bte Md Hussain

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New enrollment (for Dec 2019 to April 2020) will open on 18 November 2019 insyaAllah.